Today’s professor is expected to fulfill many roles—innovator, instructor, entrepreneur, mentor, accountant—to name just a few. BSC can help you meet and exceed these expectations.

Setting up a lab for the first time?

Congratulations on your accomplishment! Now what?

You made it this far and undoubtedly worked hard to get here. Now, you have different responsibilities, some of which are familiar, some of which are new, and some of which you just don't have the time for. Why not hire an expert to reduce your workload, giving you time for what really matters?

Each start-up package is directly tailored to your needs.

BSC will help: 

  • Draft a start-up plan to get things moving.
  • Set up your wet lab, navigate associated administrative processes, and prepare protocols.
  • Facilitate idea development and grant writing.
  • Prepare IACUC, IRB, and biosafety protocol preparation.
  • Assemble a team with the suitable skills and personalities for your lab group.
  • Start a project while you find the appropriate full-time staff for your lab group.

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Moving your lab to a different institution?

Ease the transition even before you move—BSC can help. 

While transitioning to a new university is an exciting time full of opportunities—the associated tasks can quickly become overwhelming. BSC is here to lend a hand during your move and any time before and after.

Each transition package is created around your needs.

BSC will help:

  • Create a transition plan to streamline the moving process.
  • Complete projects and navigate administrative processes related to transitioning projects and associated funds.
  • Set up your wet lab, manage related administrative processes, and prepare protocols.
  • Prepare IACUC, IRB, and biosafety protocol preparation.
  • Assess and locate potential collaborators and funding opportunities at your new institution.
  • Identify and extend your research team at your new facility.

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